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Renewed reception and reception space

Renewed reception and reception space

Welcome MenDan! 

We hope that everyone who is planning their MenDan holidays, does so with excitement and wether its their first time visiting or not, the first glimpse at the building is something that brings them joy. The feeling of ‘We’re finally here (again)’ can rapidly move through us and the promise of new adventures is palpable in the air. This first impression is further amplified by the popular selfie spot, the big red heart that all our guests love so dearly, but the wow factor awaits as we step through the revolving doors. Spacious atmosphere, friendly colours, smiling faces, the one of a kind MenDan Hall!

Brand new spaces, magical surrounding, and a faster check-in

The hall that has always been quite spacious, and its centrepiece, the walk-around reception desk has now transformed into a brand new outlook, and taken a new and improved form. Nature is now an even more essential part of this bright space, as majestic palm trees have been planted directly into the foundation so you can really feel like you have been transported into a tropical jungle, a feeling further amplified by the gorgeous new foliage flowing down from several stories.

The reception desk still takes a central role, but its placement is now different and more accessible and more modern, easier to approach by more guests at a time, to make it simpler and faster to check in and receive information.

Our café is the second thing that has undergone the biggest transformation, as the space previously used for the reception desk has now been converted into a spacious lounging area with beautiful and comfortable seating options where our guests can enjoy a refreshing freshly ground coffee, a delicious ice cream sundae, numerous cocktail specialties or some tasty desserts in the shade of the palm trees… unforgettable.

The Mediterranean atmosphere has rightfully become the crown jewel of the hotel, a place that is great to arrive to, to spend time in and that is hard to leave.

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