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Hungarian Quality Award

18. 02. 2016.

Our hotel received the Hungarian Quality Tourism Award once again this year. 

Hungarian Quality Award

What exactly does this award stand for?

The Hungarian Tourism Quality Award is a qualification system established for hotels and restaurants, and is based on initial self-assessment followed by external examination of the applicant service establishment according to european professional and guest requirements.

It is a great honor that HOTREC (the European Society of Hotels and Hospitality facilities) has accredited the program. Based on their decision, the award-winning restaurants and hotels are authorized to use the Q sign representing full recognition by the „European Hospitality Quality" (EHQ) ranking system.

Applications for this European standard award are assessed once a year by MT Ltd.

The title is valid for 3 years and the successful applicant can use the title and the Q logo during this time, and can also benefit from the special collaboration opportunities provided by the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. The successful applicants can undergo check-ups anytime over this 3-year period. Many service providers have received the award twice, or some even three times by successfully extending the validity period.

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