Water world - SkyLand

MenDan's rooftop water and adventure empire is 5 stories high

A long cherished dream became a reality in the summer of 2022 in MenDan, on top of the hotel, we created our experience empire called SkyLand, full of not only magical experiences, but real adrenaline-increasing adventures, which literally raises the concept of wellness pampering to the highest level.

What inspired it? On the one hand, we definitely wanted an outdoor pool, which would have been impossible at the level of Aqualand, so we went in a different direction. On the other hand, we love new things, when we can create something truly astonishing, and providing quality and extra services to our guests is directly our heart's business. Speaking of which, they gave enough impetus to SkyLand now welcoming everyone in its full splendor and with its range of services.

We dreamed big, then we planned, we worked on it quite a bit, then we got excited, but the excitement went away and all that remained was the experience and lots of smiles.

SkyPool - the master degree of the splash

Magical, breathtaking, unique, terrifying, exciting... Everyone has an opinion about it, as the MenDan SkyPool is considered a real curiosity in our small country, but also in Europe. With its "size" of 6x26 meters, its 2/3 glass surface, its fabulous panorama, the panoramic corridor that surrounds it, and the overall atmosphere that surrounds it, it provides a unique experience.

Panorama sauna for 80 people

For the hot days of August 2022, we handed over to our guests and especially to sauna lovers our 80-person panoramic sauna in the shape of a hot tub, which completes the sauna experience with an indoor and outdoor plunge pool, an ice fountain, two tropical experience showers with sound and light effects, and a whirlpool shower. Relaxation after the sauna is provided by a relaxation sunbathing area, which can also be used by guests over 18 years of age.

Sky bar with its own kitchen

Culinary adventures go hand in hand with our wellness experiences, and our guests will never go hungry or thirsty in the SkyLand area. What ensures this is the Sky bar, which has its own kitchen and offers street food dishes, tempting delicacies, refreshments, and colorful cocktails. Pleasant music, a fabulous view, a comfortable gastro-terrace, i.e. relaxation, rest, tranquility at every moment.

SkyLand experiences in numbers

  • 6x26 meter pool with 2/3 transparent walls and base, jacuzzi elements and visual effects
  • 1,1-1,4 meters water depth
  • at a height of 16 meters, on the 5th floor
  • panoramic walkway around the pool
  • Panoramic sauna with a capacity of 80 people, a plunge pool, relaxation and sunbathing terrace, ice fountain (18+)
  • Sky bar with mouth-watering snacks and refreshments - with its own kitchen and unique food and drink menu
  • 750 m2 rooftop terrace by the pool with glass fence and comfortable loungers

Our SkyLand department is available to our guests in all seasons, but in case of extreme weather - for the safety of our guests - the daily opening hours may change.

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