MenDan Party Time

When looking for a place to stay it is always good to hear or read that we are a hotel where you don’t even have to step outside for days to have fun and the only thing missing will be boredom, right? Let’s take a quick look at what this really means in MenDan. We say quick, because it would take ages to list and describe each and every programme and activity and isn’t is much more enjoyable to actually experience them firsthand?

MenDan Band - live music six days a week during dinner

Because no matter how delicious a meal is, it is always better when enjoyed with good company and soft music in the background. Our hotel’s band creates a perfect atmosphere for your dinner, and ensures that each guest feels as comfortable as possible. From slow, romantic tunes and rythmic melodies, all the way to vibrant beats, you can find everything in their repertoire. So if you feel like dancing after dinner, go and hit the dancefloor!

MenDan FunHouse - a place of entertainment for teens and adults

The FunHouse is designed to awaken your inner child and set it free. Pool tables, rex table, 2 darts boards, multiple X-Boxes, Fussball and more! The perfect place for a tournament with your family or friends, a mixture of modern and retro design elements, where all you’ll find is entertainment! And if your energy levels start to drop, fill it up in the place’s own bistro, where you’ll find everything from refreshments and cocktails to delicious finger food!

Mini Play City - for the little ones

If the younger members of the family are looking for a place to play, they will find everything they need in the Mini Play City. Here they can try themselves out in a variety of games like air hockey, basketball, speed ball and more!

MagicLand - an enchanting place with professional daycare staff

MagicLand is the children’s own little empire, the most magical place in the hotel. It is the home of the little cockatoo, Gustavo, who got lost on his journey and decided to make MagicLand his home. He, along with all the kind and helpful nurses and carers, awaits all the little ones and their parents with open arms , numerous fun activities, incredible games and a joyous atmosphere. Arts and crafts, competitions, dancing, creative games and a hint of magic is what you can expect when you enter. The only problem is usually with leaving, because nobody ever really wants to.

Special activities in popular seasons

To make festive seasons and school holidays a little less overwhelming for parents and adults, and to make everyone’s stay truly relaxing, in the summer and in high seasons during holidays, we join our forces and provide countless activities in multiple venues both on land and in water

And we haven’t even mentioned all the wellness and spa experiences, therapeutic treatments, sports activities, our gastronomic venues and thematic programmes, but....

If reading all this made you want to experience the true MenDan Feeling, choose a date and try it yourself!

Our most popular packages

Wellness promotions in Zalakaros

MenDan Vacation

Summer, come on! We can't wait for the scorching rays, the sparkling of summer; the VACATION FEELING.

Fall Wellness Experiences

Enchanted moments, magical experiences and the usual MenDan adventures.

MenDan Party Weekend in October

MenDan is fun again in the fall, and not just any way! On the first weekend of October, our entertainment machine will start up again, the hostess of which will be Suzy.

Fall Break with MenDan Wellness

Magical family activities for the fall break in MenDan edition.

November MenDan Romance

Let's dance together from autumn to winter to the songs of Imre Rakonczai's Piano Bar!