Sport and fitness

Free sports activities in our hotel:

Body-wakening morning exercise

Start the day fresh and with a good mood with our morning exercise session and warm up all your muscles.

Water gymnastics

Gymnastics based exercises with special water tools. While strengthening your muscles, it also provides great entertainment in a pleasant environment.


The elasticity of your muscles determines the movement-range of your joints. The lack of flexibility can result in serious coordination problems in your everyday life. Stretching has different functions for different age groups. For young people it can result in flexible joints and muscles, while for the elderly it helps with coordination and eases movements.


Fit-Ball is getting more and more popular due the fact that it is fun and very effective. The various exercises done with the ball are great to move all your muscles and strengthen or shape some of your body parts. The ball also promotes better posture and the flexibility of joints. The exercises are motivating, safe, and can be practiced by every age group.

Sculpting, body shaping class

This class focuses on exercises that strengthen our most important muscles thus making our every day life easier. This involves high and medium intensity exercises so this is also a perfect option to lose weight!

Conditioning class

In this class we strive for maintaining the health of our joints and flexing our muscles while also strengthening them.

Get your body moving

stretching, warm up and a series of full body exercises.

Lower body workout

the two largest muscle groups in the body are the glutes and the thigh muscles: quads and hamsrtings. We have to work especially hard if we want to see results. Highly effective exercises that help us reach our goals.

Fat Burning Exercise

Moves every part of the body with higher intensity, thus shaping and building more muscle. It also increases antioxidant production, while stimulating metabolism and fat burning.

Fitness room

If you wish to exercise on your own, you can in the hotel’s fully equipped fitness and cardio gym. 9 new Technogym fitness machines with free use have been added.

Our brand new machines:

  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite RUN 500 treadmill
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Synchro 700ip elliptical
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Wawe 700i stagger
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Bike 500i bycicle

Opening hours of our fitness room:

  • Weekdays: 07:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Weekends: 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Our sports animators can give you advice on healthy eating, water and regular sports and outside exercising possibilities like Nordic Walking or tennis.