Sport and fitness

Free sports activities in our hotel:

Morning exercise

Let's start the day fresh with a workout that moves the whole body and warms up the muscles!

Water gymnastics

A set of exercises performed in water with special equipment based on gymnastic basics. The exercises are localized for the whole body, which can be adapted to any age. While strengthening the muscles, it provides excellent entertainment in a pleasant environment.


The elasticity of the muscle determines the range of motion of the joints, the narrowing of which can result in serious health problems in everyday life. Stretching exercises incorporated into everyday life can prevent tension/injury of the tissues, muscles, and tendons, the resulting pain is reduced, the muscles' resistance to movement is reduced, and the flexibility and performance of the muscles is increased. Thus, we recommend it to both older and younger age groups.


The increasingly popular ball gymnastics creates an opportunity for fun, varied and highly effective physical training. Exercises with the ball are suitable for moving all muscle groups, strengthening individual body parts, and improving balance and posture. The exercises are motivating and not stressful, so they are recommended for all fitness levels.


CrossFit is a fitness system originating in America, which has begun to gain spectacular popularity in recent years. The basis of cossfit is intense and constantly changing training stimuli.

Conditioning exercise

Aimed at keeping the body in shape, conditioning exercises are aimed at developing physical skills such as strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

Cardio workout

It covers all endurance sports that increase your heart rate. Cardio training is therefore a movement activity that is generally recommended for everyone, especially for toning and burning fat, as well as increasing endurance.

Stomach-leg-butt exercise

The thighs and buttocks are the two largest muscle groups in our body, which is why we have to train them thoroughly if we want to achieve results. Very effective exercises with which you can achieve the perfect form.


A form of movement built on the foundations of physical therapy, which promotes the strengthening of trunk muscles, relieves restricted spinal movements, improves posture, and reduces waist and back pain.

Nordic Walking

A form of walking of Finnish origin, which, unlike ordinary walking, uses special sticks while hiking, so that the upper limbs are even more actively involved in walking, thereby stimulating blood circulation.

Fitness room

If you wish to exercise on your own, you can in the hotel’s fully equipped fitness and cardio gym. 9 new Technogym fitness machines with free use have been added.

Our brand new machines:

  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite RUN 500 treadmill
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Synchro 700ip elliptical
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Wawe 700i stagger
  • 2 pieces of Technogym Exite Bike 500i bycicle

Opening hours of our fitness room:

  • Weekdays: 07:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Weekends: 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Our sports animators can give you advice on healthy eating, water and regular sports and outside exercising possibilities like Nordic Walking or tennis.