Zalakaros, Zalakaros Bath Complex

Zalakaros lies on the southwestern part of Hungary, in the middle of a romantic region, sorrounded by vineyards and fruitgardens. This is a quiet, calm land, where you can bite into the air, meet the hospitable locals, taste the great wines made from excellent grapes, and try the tasty local specialties. But the biggest treasure here is the gift that comes from deep down the earth: The thermal and medicinal water, the consistency and healing effect of which is unique all around Europe.

Building on this great treasure, the small village of 1960s has grown and developed into spa & wellness centre. Numerous hotels, touristical units and unique events have been established around the constantly growing bath complex that currently has 22 pools.

People with health problems such as chronic arthritis, rheumatism, chronic gynecological complaints, autonomic nervous system disorders, or gum deseases often visit the baths, but people looking for an overall refreshment for their body and soul have also come to the right place. In the 5000 m2 bath complex, visitors can choose from 32-36 °C thermal baths, swimming pools and adventure pools. In the healing center you can try the sitting- and weight baths or jacuzzis, underwater and dry massages, electrotherapy and current stimulus treatments under medical supervision..

There are multiple swimming pools, aquafitness and aquatic gymnastics sessions, adventure pools and slides for children, and sauna diving pools available in the new section. The new establishment has a playroom for kids, multifunctional entertainment rooms, a bar and changing rooms, and there also 2 slides that can be used all year: a 85-meter-long slide starting and ending in the building and the so called Kamikaze slide. The outside open beach sorrounded by parks and trees hide a slide complex of 6 different slides, including the giant slide, two parallell kamikaze slides and a family slide complex.

Five new elements have been added to the beach slide complex for the 2016 season.

One of them is the MagicTunnel slide. This is a closed structure 133.46 m long, unique in the Hungarian spa scene thanks to its special light effects and design. The so-called UFO slide will alternate between closed and open sections, with a length of 105.5 m, a 47.8 m long kamikaze slide, a so-called Turbo slide (67.8 m) and an 84.7 m long pendulum+rafting slide.

Outside Water Adventure Empire for children

The most popular novelty of the bath has opened its gates in 2012. Children from toddlers to teens can find everything they need for entertainment: they can swim in the shadows of the water caves, play with splashing flowers, slide down the „Anakonda” the mini ’Black Hole” or the rainbow slides, have friendly wars with the water cannons and choose from over 60 water attractions. During the summer the Oasis Playroom awaits little ones with all-day-long activities.

In 2013, because of the huge popularity of the outside Adventure park, a new, indoor playhouse has opened its doors. The two-story playroom has suspension bridges, slides, water attractions, family and child saunas, a sandbox of salt, and a junior playzone for bigger ones. The parents and grandparents can enjoy the spacious rest areas and watch over their little ones from the comfort of a cozy chair.

Thermal Lake and Ecopark

The latest investment and attraction in Zalakaros offers great entertainment for all ages.

The first stop for guests arriving at the thermal lake is a beautifully designed reception building, one of the most exciting features of which is the four-metre-high observation tower, which offers a magnificent panorama of the lake itself, the surrounding forest and the whole complex. The lake itself has a surface area of approximately 12900 m2, with a maximum depth of 1.8 m.

The Ecopark offers visitors a wide range of attractions:

  • water adventure park
  • meditation space of lights
  • pavilion of sounds
  • nature trail
  • fairytale park
  • traditional playground elements
  • maze
  • outdoor fitness park
  • slide tower
  • cycle path

Gastronomy, Programs and Events

Our visitors can enjoy the gastonomic pleasures of numerous local welcoming restaurants and confectioneries.  You can’t miss the unique beauty of the look-out tower and the friendly little restaurant hiding by its foot. The small dotto train takes you on a wonderful journey around town and you can go on a Nordic Walking or Segway tour, try the open-air cinema and go on a wine-tasting in the scenic hillside. The ones wishing to rest actively,can choose from the football-, and tennis fields, the bowling alley, horse-riding, the intimate parks and walkways and bicycle paths. The nearby lakes in Miháld, Galambok and Zalamereny are the perfect choice for the lovers of fishing.

A neighbouring natural miracle, Kis-Balaton, enchants visitors with its unique flora and fauna and wonderful birds, with the buffalo reserve in Kápolnapuszta, the Kányavár island, the sights of Zalavár, but even the beautiful pedestrian presincts in Hévíz and Keszthely are only 30 minutes away from Zalakaros. The town’s summer festivals are famous all around the country: celebrity performers, winehouses, activities for children, creative crafting ideas, sporting events – anything you could wish for.

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