Gourmet restaurant, gastronomic specialties

gasztronomiaCoral and Sapphire Restaurant offer magnificent gastronomic pleasures for gourmet food and wine lovers, and to anyone wishing to spend some time in a pleasant environment with great company and tasty meals.

We spoil our guests with rich food, whether you love traditional or hungarian cuisine, whether you are a vegetarian or the lover of exotic and spicy dishes.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big buffet breakfast, a magical dinner with live music, a candlelit, romantic lunch or just a brunch in bed – the specialties, the outlook, the mouthwatering smells and excellent tastes are guaranteed.

MenDan Wine Cave

In the beginning of August 2014 we have completed our own wine cave, so our guests - beside the regular selection of Hungarian wines -, will find an even wider selection of the same, and in addition to those, we keep foreign wines also on offer. 

Wine list of Hungarian and foreign wines 

Our wine cave keeps more, than 500 kind of wines on stock, including all wines from every wine region of Hungary, representing selections of several prestigious winery paying special attention to the earlier front runner Zala wines.  The Sapphire restaurant, where earlier you could find Hungarian wines only, will keep more French wines and wine speacialities on the wine-list in the future to impress the gourmet ones and those who enjoys quality wines. 

Wine selection of MenDan is fully in compliance with today's professional tastes and demands, among our wines we have  both traditional and modern technology made ones on the list.

Most of our wines are dry quality, but those who prefer sweet wine, will also find their favourite ones, and obviously we didn't forget about ladies guests. We keep extra wide selection of Rose wines on list.

We keep our staff constantly well trained  to be able to help you to make the correct choice for providing the harmony between food and drinks. 

You can also have the chance to taste the delicious wines of MenDan Wine Cave!

Our Emerald Caffé has been expanded with a 100m2 mediterranian terrace, with coffee and cake wonders on the list.

Coral FunHouse

For the adults with childish mind and children between 6-8 years age we have created the Coral Funhouse, the "indoor playground" of Hotel MenDan.

In the Playstation corner, beside the newest games they will find company as well, but we often throw them pizza partys or discos with alcohol-free cocktails, or even cardplaying afternoons. 

Smoking is allowed in:

Beside these areas smoking is not permitted anywhere. 

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