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Hardly bearable heat, glistening sweat, unique regeneration. This is sauna: prevention and healing in one. For people of the modern age it is the optimal place for ultimate relaxation, where veins and pores expand and contract in reaction to the cold and hot air, and the body rids itself from toxins due to the increased sweating. In our rushing world the increased levels of stress can be eliminated or decreased thanks to regularly spending time in the sauna.

The Sauna World in our hotel offers you the following services:

Sauna Show – extra hot wellness experience

Szauna Show Zalakaroson a MenDanbanOne of our guests’ most beloved programs are the different sauna shows we organize. Swimming and the sauna is always at the center of wellness weekends, but in MenDan you can make this a fun experience thanks to our sauna masters. During the shows, the sauna master attends the show together with the guests, and not only does he conduct the entire program but he also gives advice, shares information, ensures the appropiate heat of the cabin and circulates the hot air around the guests with the help of a towel.

The word show speaks for itself, everyone here is guaranteed to have a great time during the 15
minute-long events and you will leave feeling refreshed, reborn and free of stress and toxins.

Thanks to the sauna masters, you can be a part of conversations and fun, which also makes our sauna shows different from a regular sauna experience. A show usually lasts for 12-15 minutes, but if You feel like you have had enough, you are free to leave the sauna at any time. The show is followed by a cool-off and relaxation.

Our sauna masters:

A taste from our sauna cocktail show offers:


Sweeet Honey – touch of honey

This honey-filled seance unites the heat of the sauna, the fragrance of aromatic oils and cognac and the positive effects of honey. After a quick sweating, the honey (liquid thanks t the increased heat) is applied on the skin and gets absorbed through the pores. The minerals make your skin beautifully smooth, silky, and healthy.


Ice Mint Kamikaze

The contast between the intensive, hot air and the freezing ice together with the techniques of the sauna master makes this sauna show a blood-circulating and refreshing experince. Thanks to the Peppermint the airways clear up. As an effect of the alternation between hot and cold, our bodies shiver, which releases happiness hormones.


Citrus Cooler – the refreshing lime

In the extreme sauna environment our bodies protect themselves with sweating – and beside the toxins, a lot of minerals also leave our system. That is why our sauna master offers our guests freah fruits to rub into their skin and also to taste. The vitamins and minerals get absorbed much more intensively after the sauna.


Tia Maria – revved up with coffee

The first weekend sauna show mixes the unique smell of coffee with the aroma of chocolate liquor and vanilla. The seance awakens the body, soul and senses and has dexoticating and calming effects.


Tequila Sunrise – it’s show time

After a quick sweating, while the invigorating aroma of tequila lingers in the room our guests can rub their wet skin with fine seasalt passed around by the sauna master. Using the seasalt as a natural peeling, our guests can get rid of devitalized skin tissues, resulting in a helathier skin. The salt activates the sweat glands intensifying detoxification. There are numerous minerals and healthy elements in seasalt, that the skin easily absorbes thorugh expanded pores. It tightens and resuscitates the skin, while also lowering cellulite symptoms.


After Eight – mint for the senses

The first sauna show of the AquaMagic party targets senses with the aroma of mint and chocolate. Thanks to the cooling and cleaning effect of menthol, it is a refreshment for the airways and the mind. The smell of chocolate releases endorphins and happiness hormones, while the sauna master constantly circulates the hot air around our guests.


Pina Colada – tropic atmosphere

As a happy sequel to the mesmerizing bellydancing performance, a heated, tropical spirit is summoned in the sauna. The characteristic aroma of white rum mixes with the fragrance of fresh fruits. Beside mending the immune system, the sauna master also guarantees an unforgettable experience. The fresh pineapple and coconut puts the jewel on the crown.


Chocolate - flip – sweet sensation (steam cabin)

Unlike the other seances this show takes place in the 45 °C steam cabin instead of the finnish sauna. The guests can rub their skin with creamy chocolate, that slowly melts and gets absorbed due to the increased heat and humidity. It lifts you out of the grey workdays with its sweet aroma. It is a great antiageing treatment for the skin due to the high amount of antioxidants found in cocoabutter.


Yoghurt Dream – steaming with yoghurt (steam cabin)

This show also belongs to the many skin care programs. After a quick sweating sorrounded by the fragrance of honey and vanilla, the sauna master pours yoghurt and honey into the hands of our guests, who complete the seance by rubbing it in their skin. The hot yoghurt smoothens our skin and make it look extra healthy. It is an excellent program to finish your Saturday night.

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