Beauty island

Beauty – for body and soul

It is not only a saying that beauty comes from within; it is the secret of spa. We’ll beautify your soul, so your body can get ready to take in balanced beauty.

Professional facial and body treatments, Thalasso therapies, aromatic baths, hair stylists, professional make-up artists, manicure and pedicure, and standing or laying tanning beds.

Do you wish for speciality? We have an idea for that as well: Chocolate massages, Cleopatra honey-and-milk treatment, holistic sea spa treatment, aromatic algae body masks. Do you wish to be beautiful on the inside and outside? Our answer to you is: MenDan Magic

Our exclusive service: the LuXLash 3D eyelash extension

Gentlemen: We are waiting for you too with open arms.

Beauty councelling 

Before every cosmetic treatment there is a beauty consult, during which our professionals make a precise skin diagnosis of our guest’s skin and then inform the guest about the possible treatments and their effects. They put a personalized beauty plan together comleted by a beauty program you can follow at home.

Beauty services:

*BraidMe and More - our passion is hair braiding

From December 2021, the services of BraidMe and More will be available on the beauty island of our hotel, more than just hair braids. Young and old... One for sure. One or two braid types can be chosen by everyone according to their style and age, or just right for the occasion from the list below. The selection is huge, the result is eye-catching, pretty and can last for days:

  • dutch braid
  • fishbone braid
  • endless braid
  • diamond braid
  • chain braid
  • zipper braid
  • DNS braid
  • waterfall braid
  • braid with 4 locks of hair
  • braid with 5 locks of hair
  • headband braid
  • dragon braid
  • banana braid
  • glitter thread
  • extra hair with braid

BraidMe and More

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Wellness promotions in Zalakaros

Hello 2023! - MenDan Wellness

What better way to start the year than with rest and rejuvenation?

MenDan Romance - Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine's day wellness weekend full of passion, excitement, feelings (18+) 


MenDan Carnival

Because neither February nor 2023 can pass without fun and, of course, carnival...

Spring-time Wellness

What are we looking for in spring? Warming sun rays, fresh scents, the feeling of freedom, vibrant colors?

Bella Italia

A magical journey into the world of Italian flavors and the Italian way of life.

Easter Wellness Adventure

A magical splash on the first long weekend of spring, between heaven and earth.
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