Waterworld - Aqualand

The hotel’s own adventure and thermal bath complex in Zalakaros

We associate the color blue with peace, tranquility, life, healing, understanding and softness.

The color of water and spa sets the spirit to a wonderful wellness relaxation.

The unique thermals water offers the possibility of healing and prevention for our dear visitors.

During the creation of MenDan Magic Hotel Aqualand, we didn’t use rocks or tiles to build it. Instead we used a little blue, a little tranquility, a little harmony – and that is how we became an incomparable spa island.

Aqualand is a bathing complex of unparalleled beauty, with more than 400 square metres of water to tempt you.

Our Aqualand has an air temperature of 27-28°C. The indoor temperature and humidity of the enclosed bathing area is optimised by a Menerga type four-unit automatic air handling unit, which takes into account the time of day, season, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. This system is computer-controlled with online intervention.

Our pools

All our dear guests can find their favourite pool in Aqualand:

Our Kneipp pad, unique adventure showers, beautiful sun and panoramic terrace, deckchairs, and tropical rest corner makes the Aqualand complete.

Sauna park

In the sauna world, a finnish and biosauna and steam cabin awaits the saunalovers for some healthy sweating. MenDan wouldn’t be MenDan however, if we wouldn’t offer something more – we favor our Guests with sauna shows multiple times a day for free! Our yoghurt, honey, ice, salt, good morning or afrodisiac sauna shows enchant everbody, and moreover, with the help od our professional sauna master you can learn the know-hows of healthy sweating.


Our Pool Bar provides refreshments after a good swim int he form of various tasty cocktails. The most beloved Aqualand event is the late night AquaMagic party on Fridays or Saturdays – during which the bath complex is open till midnight and you’ll be entertained by music, lights, bellydancing performances and sauna shows.

We are constantly developing...

  • 2015 - In the waterworld we have placed a new infra-sauna.
  • 2016 - The pool area has been refurnished with brand new rattan sun beds. Our sun- and panorama terraca with bellevue has been embellished.
  • 2016 - Ice Cave: According to the traditions of some Northern people, they usually spend some time in the fresh air after a searing hot sauna. Today we have the technological means to create a similar experience, no matter what the current season is. The temperature in the ice cave is zero to minus 3°C.
  • 2016 - Crushed ice fountain: A special and unconventional kind of ice bath is when we sprinkle ice chips or crushed ice over our body, or we scrub it into our skin. Crushed ice is an effective supplement of the sauna.
  • 2017 - We enriched the experience pool with another experience element, our Mediterranean experience shower creates a real rainforest atmosphere in the pool area.
  • 2018 - The repertoire of our sauna world continued to be enchanted, a color therapy panoramic sauna was added to Aqualand, which quickly "conquered" the hearts of our guests.
  • 2022 - SKYLAND, the long-cherished dream: SkyPool at a height of 16 meters, a panoramic sauna in the shape of a tub for 80 people, a 750 m2 sun terrace, i.e. experiences by the cube. For more details click here!

Private wellness

You also have the opportunity to privately rent the Aqualand for groups for some romance or private entertainment – outside the opening hours for 25.000 Ft/hour. In case you would want to live this opportunity, look for our colleagues at , or please indicate this in your booking.

Our most popular packages

Wellness promotions in Zalakaros

Winter Wellness Adventure

Wellness adventures for body and soul with a hint of MenDan Magic. 


MenDan Party Weekend in December

MenDan is also fun in winter, and not just any way! On the second weekend of December, our entertainment machine will start up again, the hostess of which will be Suzy.

MenDan Christmas

Family relaxation on the most beautiful holiday of the year filled with magical experiences, festive surroundings and wellness moments.

MenDan New Year's Eve

The real light on New Year's Eve

Winter Break EXTRA

Let's see, what can this extra spice be? A winter, countryside getaway combined with splashing? A few days of New Year's relaxation in a magical place with delicious food, the flavors of winter, and delicious wines? 

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