Mandara Wellness Center

Why is wellness so popular? Why is spa so trendy?

We know the ususal answers: we always rush, we’re always stressful, tired, exhausted, we neglect the health of our bodies and souls. Wellness gives us the opportunity to stop for a moment, have some rest – but with us you can have even more!

A wellness weekend in MenDan Magic Hotel is not just a momentary stop, it’s time we can use to sink into our thoughts and feelings, to start something new.  Let your senses relax and let your mind get filled with new, fresh, pleasant thoughts.

An honest smile, a little care toward ourselves and loved ones, can help us not only to relax, but also to reshape our priorities, find the harmony of body and soul.

Our offers are completed by our medicinal services. Our guests can heal with a personalized therapy schedule, under medical supervision. Depending on their complaints, our guests can sign up for an underwater radiation massage, a mud-pack or an electrical bath.

Click for a full list of our medical services and massages:

Acupuncture treatments without needles

Therapist: Chinese acupuncturist Song Danqun

Special therapy - against allergies, digestive system, internal medicine, musculoskeletal complaints, pain relief, migraine, joint disorders, depression. Acupuncture treatment without needles works on the same principle as healing with needles, it induces the healing effect by stimulating specific points on the skin.

Opinion of a satisfied patient:
"It can be very effective for many people. It is worth reading. It has helped many people (Lyme disease and cancer patients)."

The consultation is free of charge, prior appointment is required. Surprise your loved ones with real care, even in the form of a Gift Voucher!


Our most popular packages

Wellness promotions in Zalakaros

Spring-time Wellness

What are we looking for in spring? Warming sun rays, fresh scents, the feeling of freedom, vibrant colors?

Pentecost Parade with SkyPool season opener

Early summer atmosphere, wellness experiences 5 floors up, mouth-watering meals on the buffet tables, i.e. a long Pentecost weekend at MenDan.

MenDan Vacation

Summer, come on! We can't wait for the scorching rays, the sparkling of summer; the VACATION FEELING.
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