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Mandara Wellness Resort Zalakaros, MenDanWhy is wellness so popular? Why is spa so trendy? We know the ususal answers: we always rush, we’re always stressful, tired, exhausted, we neglect the health of our bodies and souls. Wellness gives us the opportunity to stop for a moment, have some rest – but with us you can have even more!

A wellness weekend in MenDan Magic Hotel is not just a momentary stop, it’s time we can use to sink into our thoughts and feelings, to start something new.  Let your senses relax and let your mind get filled with new, fresh, pleasant thoughts. An honest smile, a little care toward ourselves and loved ones, can help us not only to relax, but also to reshape our priorities, find the harmony of body and soul.

Our offers are completed by our medicinal services. Our guests can heal with a personalized therapy schedule, under medical supervision. Depending on their complaints, our guests can sign up for an underwater radiation massage, a mud-pack or an electrical bath.


Indian Ayurvedic treatments and Massages straight from India!

ayurvedikus-masszazsAyurveda, also known as the ’science of life’ is one the most ancient trends targeting the protection of our healths. This ancient knowledge comes from India from circa 6000 years ago. Today its effectiveness is known all around the world, it helps to preserve our wellbeing, and contributes to a long life and general health.

The ayurvedic treatments are built on natural and holistic principles such as ’the theory of the three doshas’.

This theory groups people based on their body types. According to this theory there are three main doshas: VATA, PITA and KAPHA.

Based on this, ayurvedic treatments work in a special, personalized way, making them a completely personal experience. Summing up, this treatments are the ideal tools to rid ourselves from negative stress and get more energy for out everyday activities.

Ayurvedic treatments are even more effective if we combine them with hot thermal baths.


In our hotel, thai massages are performed by thai masseuses who have brought their knowledge and expertise with them straight from their home, Thailand.

If you have already tried thai massage, you will know the difference, if not, explore the unique effects of this special technique.

Actual prices

You can download the full list of our medicinal services and massages can be downloaded here!

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