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Recording of personal data from 1 September 2021

Recording of personal data from 1 September 2021

The personal data shall as per specified in the prevailing laws of any guests using any accommodation services in Hungary, pursuant to the prevailing laws*, as from 2 September 2021, as part of the check-in procedure by the accommodation service provider, be registered via document reader in the respective management software used by the accommodation service provider and shall, upon registration, be transferred to the data storage system ‘Vendég Információs Zárt Adatbázis’ (‘Closed Guest Information Database’, VIZA).

What data will be recorded?

Guests using the accommodation service must, for recording the data, present their personal identification cards or driving licenses or travel documents allowed by the laws to be used for identification to the accommodation service provider. If no any official documents presented, the accommodation service provider must reject the guest to use any accommodation services. Based on its authorisation by the laws, the accommodation service provider is empowered to request the guests that they hand over their personal identification documents and the guest must present it to the accommodation service provider.

Please plan your trip and your arrival under consideration of the information provided in this Notice.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Identification and of Signatures**Third country citizen: any person subject to Act II of Year 2007 on the Entry and the Residence of Citizens of Third Countries

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