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Karos Korzó, the family-friendly city center

Karos Korzó, the family-friendly city center

Green city center on 6 hectares

Our city can rightly boast of its now nearly 6 hectares, literally experience center, which from the spring of 2021 will form a truly complex unit. The fabulous Arboretum, a thermal lake and eco-park built a couple of years ago, Dísz tér, which has hosted many events and unloading fairs so far, has been complemented by a multifunctional indoor reception building and event center, as well as a closely related event space.

Karos Korzó, the family-friendly city center

Named Karos Korzó, the center is surrounded by cozy promenades, full of flowers, bushes, trees, shady parks, where family rest areas, playground, fitness park, drinking fountain have been placed, so that relaxation and experience is perfect for all ages. As water plays a very important role in our city, a stepped fountain has also been given a central location on the Korzó, which, although a very attractive sight during the day, shows its real appeal with the evening lighting.

And if the evening has already been mentioned, it is worth mentioning the indoor park stage and the auditorium designed for 3000 people, which will host many performances and concerts this summer and, of course, in the future, with great programs for Karos guests, as well as, of course, the locals.

However, if the weather were to make fun of the program organizers, it would not be a problem in the future either, as the visitor center building is also suitable for hosting these events. However, this multifunctional space serves not only as a rainfall venue, but also as part of the everyday lives of tourists; there is a playhouse and a café every day.

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