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All in in gastronomy

All in in gastronomy

Famous for its endless list of wellness offerings and activities, Hotel MenDan keeps adding to its services every year and has always been a popular and honorued hotel in Hungary in the field of gastronomy as well. Numerous nationally recognized chefs have been around the hotel's kitchen, and their number one goal has always been not only to meet every guest's expectations to the fullest, but also to create new flavours, experiences and dishes that captivate and amaze while also taking into account regionality, seasonality and modern trends.

And this has not changed since the hotel opened... quite the contrary!

Since December 2016 MenDan has dedicates double the energy to its restaurants, turning ideas into reality on the 33-meter long buffet with two masterchefs. Balogh Gabor has already proved himself in the hotel and has since gained new experiences and professional awards, while Prikryl József owns possibly all existing gastro-awards and manages the kitchen from the new year on.

If anyone is thinking of a cook-off battle, just relax, because the two masterchefs have proved their ability to work together harmoniously and their utter respect for this profession during the festive season, when the news of the dynamite duo has spread like wildfire among the guests.

And the novelties and developments are far from being over, since the interior of the hotel restaurant will be beautifully renovated this year.

József Prikryl Gábor Balogh

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