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    • Aleš Dornik
      2020. 01. 09. 08:45 (Maribor-Slovenia)

      we are regular guests in your hotel for last 5 years. Your hotel is realy the best in Zalakaros and Hevis. We were very pleased with the rooms, spa and excellent kitchen.

      We will come again.
    • Andrea Donadon
      2019. 06. 10. 17:03 (NOVENTA PADOVANA)
      Me and my wife Stella stayed with you for five days, for the third time in two years. Everytime our stay is a small angle of Paradise. We relax in spacious rooms and warm pools, drink good beer, enjoy your quality buffet and smiles everywhere. We think is the best value for money hotel we have ever stayed, worth coming from Italy everytime.
    • Eva M. KARL
      2018. 02. 14. 10:29 (Vienna / Austria)
      We stayed for approximately one week in MenDan. A fantastic place to stay and it's interesting to hear that MenDan are the first three letters from the daughters name of the owner. The staff is highly professional and nice, the rooms are just perfect. Comfortable and very good spa. Highly recommended!
    • Ines Willisegger and Ragnvald Johansen
      2017. 09. 25. 11:22 (Greifensee, Switzerland)
      We stayed with you for three weeks in September, and we were very pleased with the room service and everything else. Thanks a lot!
    • Lucie Turkova
      2016. 12. 20. 09:14 (Mladá Vozice)
      We were very satisfied, excellent kitchen with great services.
    • Frantisek Loudin
      2016. 11. 25. 10:08 (Mlada Vozice)
      We have enjoyed stay in your hotel and we have been again
      very satisfied. Excellent spa and wellness, massage ayuverda and food.
      Only it was a little noise in the morning above reception i beauty
      area every morning around 7 o´clock every day. ( obviously cleannig women). We will come again.

    • ira
      2016. 10. 21. 12:22
      We enjoyed being in the hotel. I think this is the best hotel in Zalakaros. Near the lake. The rooms are comfortable and very good spa. The downside is the spa many busy people.
    • Zdzislaw W.
      2016. 06. 29. 13:47 (Poland)
      The best hotel in Hungary. A fantastic place to stay. The staff is highly professional and nice, and the rooms are just perfect. Highly recommended!
    • Arina Likhtinova
      2013. 06. 03. 00:00 (Moscow, Russia)
      Reception was very friendly and helpful. Rooms spacious and clean. Breakfast was good, diner excellent.
    • Eszter T.
      2013. 03. 03. 18:53 (-)
      We spent a week with my boyfriend in Zalakaros - visited the hotel! It was wonderful, the food excellent, the massage by an Indian masseur fantastic, the room pleasant. Nice wellness section and every Saturday bath party.
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