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The unique technology of the Criosauna makes it possible for the patient to comfortably tolerate the low temperature for a short period of time and to enjoy all of its positive effects.

What is the criosauna about?

It is exactly the reverse of the traditional sauna, since here,
it exposes the body to a temperature of between -120 C and -170 C for a very short time. The duration of one treatment is 60-180 seconds, a full therapy consists of 10-20 or even more treatments.
Despite the very low temperatures the body will not freeze, because the air inside the Criosauna cabin is extremely dry. 

The cold temperature you feel during the procedure is of a bearable degree, much less unpleasant, than the one you feel when you jump in cold water.

What is the Criosauna offering?

The criotherapy, also known as therapy of cold, is a very effective treatment with no side effects and which is having a benevolent impact for the whole body.

The benevolent effects of the criosauna:

Those for whom the use of Criosauna is not! recommended:

Treatment Process

The cold in the Criosauna cabin is produced by evaporating of liquid nitrogen. There's a need of 2-3 minutes period to cool the temperature to the required level prior to to each identical use of Criosauna.

Before entering the cabin, each guest must wear protective clothing, i.e. thick cotton socks, also cotton bathing suit (underwear). The height  of the Criosauna floor is adjustable, so it can be fixed to the visitors' tallness and therefore the guest dives in the cold gases to the level of his shoulder height only. Since his head is over the gas level, he will breathe in the ambient air, therefore he should not wear any face mask. The temperature  is dropping in 30 seconds from -20 C up to even -170 C, and then remains unchanged there till the required period of time. 

At the end of the treatment, the floor will automatically fall back, and our colleague will help the guest to leave the cabin.

Price: HUF 5.900,-  / 3 min;   HUF 23,600,- / 4 + 1 treatment

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