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SkyLand - We have done it

30. 08. 2022.
SkyLand - We've done it, so MenDan's panoramic realm already shines in all its glory; SkyPool swimming pool on the roof, panoramic sauna for 80 people. Sky bar, sun terrace, so above all experiences... SkyLand - We have done it

Above all experiences >>> SkyLand

We already announced a few months ago that the SkyPool experiences will also start in our hotel at the beginning of summer, because after several years of preparation - still only in trial operation - we opened our roof pool to the "general public". What we felt then is indescribable and what we have had since is also indescribable. We love it and so do our guests.

After SkyPool, panorama sauna, wellness for adults...

That wasn't enough for us... Although the 6x26 meter SkyPool with 2/3 transparent walls and floor, located at 16 meters high and has jacuzzi elements, the associated sun terrace of 750 m2 and the sky bar, offering street food dishes and tempting treats. We upgraded this trio with additional services in August.

During the first weekend of August, SkyLand Empire offers additional opportunities for our adult guests to make the most of their MenDan vacation. On August 5th, our 80-person tub-shaped panoramic sauna will go into operation (also in trial operation), rounding out the sauna experience with an indoor and outdoor plunge pool, an ice fountain, two tropical experience showers with sound and light effects, and a tub shower. A relaxation lounger, which can also be used by guests over the age of 18, ensures relaxation after the sauna session.

Living SkyPool

And to make the already lively SkyPool even more attractive and pump up the adrenaline even further, we've added special visual effects to the pool so you can experience the real sea feeling. Watch out, get set, splash!

SkyLand experiences in numbers:

  • 6x26 meter pool with 2/3 transparent walls and base, jacuzzi elements and visual effects
  • 1,1-1,4 meters water depth
  • at a height of 16 meters, on the 5th floor
  • panoramic walkway around the pool
  • 750 m2 rooftop terrace by the pool with glass fence and comfortable loungers 
  • Panoramic sauna with a capacity of 80 people, a plunge pool, relaxation and sunbathing terrace, ice fountain (18+)
  • Sky bar with mouth-watering snacks and refreshments - with its own kitchen and unique food and drink menu

Opening hours: daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m