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Novelty: Magic Suite

20. 07. 2016.

Amazing cinematic experience, high-tech solutions, everything for the magical comfort of our guests

Novelty: Magic Suite

A hotel in Zalakaros filled with everything your heart desires, all kinds of special services, and now even some new rooms, where besides the luxurious atmosphere and cinematic sound and visual effects, your needs for a high-quality, comfortable solution are bound to be satisfied. Have we evoked your interest? Then you must also like modern technology and first class forms of relaxation. You better pay attention now, because it is no longer merely an imagination!

From dream to reality

MenDan Magic Spa and Wellness Hotel Zalakaros is once again presenting you with a novelty in the summer. While the hotel’s surroundings, gastronomic and wellness offerings have already been among the most prestigious in Hungary, our hotel has raised the bar by introducing its new suites with high-tech solutions and an astounding atmosphere and we can safely say: Once you step through these doors you will enter a magical empire. One step on the silky soft carpet and you already feel like you’re in Heaven. And then the amazement continues. The beautiful color palette of the suite is further emphasized by the natural sunlight coming through the huge glass doors and the marvelous crystal chandeliers. The shiny glass crystal details of the bathroom also speak for themselves. Here, guests can experience the union of luxurious comfort, wellness and relaxation.

The perfect trio of harmony

Let’s start with comfort! The coziness of the living room is assured by the adjustable couch, while a calm night is guaranteed by the king sized bed and mood lighting in the bedroom.

The experience? It’s simply fantastic! The 160 cm, 4K, ultra HD TV provides the visual effects while the 7.1 sound system and blue-ray player ensure a true cinematic experience. And furthermore, a wide variety of movies is also provided to make for a perfect movie night.

And the wellness pampering can continue in private. In the center of the suite you will find a gorgeous jacuzzi that intertwines relaxation with romance, and an infrasauna for two to complete the experience.

And to go even one step further: The suite has a wine cooler filled with high-quality wines you can enjoy on the balcony while you’re taking in the breathtaking panorama of the city’s latest novelties, the ecopark and thermal lake.

Romance vs high-tech

Who are we recommending this to? Anyone who wants to leave their everyday life behind and escape into a modern fantasy world, where every relaxing moment is filled with magical experiences and the union of luxurious elements.

Ladies and Gentleman!? Here’s the secret to a long lasting relationship, the solution is in the fusion of romance and a high-tech world, where couples can feel like home. You definitely have to try it!

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